Terms, Conditions and Rules 

All persons entering the event area must be over 18 and are admitted only subject to the following Ground Rules and to the Rules and Regulations of Trinity College Dublin. These rules will be posted on the Trinity Ball website and a copy shall be given to each patron on collection of an admission ticket. Entry to the Ball area shall be deemed to constitute unqualified acceptance of all these Rules and Regulations. Patrons assume all risk of injury and all responsibility for property loss, destruction or theft and release Trinity College and it’s agents from any liability.

  1. The Trinity ball is a formal event and appropriate dress is required. Patrons inappropriately dressed will be refused admission. Patrons wearing kilts will not be permitted to wear or carry ‘dress knives’ into the Ball area.

  2. All Ball tickets will be electronically swiped upon entry. Invalid tickets will show up and entry will not be permitted. DO NOT buy Ball tickets on the night as the ticket may well be invalid.

  3. All of those attending the Ball must familiarise themselves with the emergency exits in each of the venues.

  4. Patrons are required to obey the directions of the Safety and Security Staff on duty. These are uniformed College staff, stewards and marshals who will be wearing luminous bibs. Stewards and marshals will be posted at all venues during the Ball. Please contact them if an emergency arises.

  5. Please exercise good judgement if an event is too crowded. If an event is overcrowded you may be asked to leave that particular venue temporarily.

  6. In the event of an emergency an alarm will sound and/or an announcement will be made over the P.A., or staff will give warning and directions then patrons must leave the area in a calm and orderly fashion.

  7. Should the need arise, patrons will be directed to leave a section of the Ball area via the routes indicated by the staff on duty.

  8. The Trinity Ball Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to and remove from the Ball area any person whom, in the opinion of the stewards, may be a danger to themselves or others, or who behaves in a manner contrary to the regulations set out for the Ball.

  9. Patrons assume all risk of injury and all responsibility for property, loss, destruction or theft, and release Trinity College and its agents and employees from liability.

  10. Your attention is drawn to the legislation regarding ‘smoking on a university campus’. All indoor areas, will be NO SMOKING areas, including the areas covered by Marquees.

  11. There will be no re-admittance to the Ball area if a patron leaves. There is NO ADMISSION to the Ball after 22.30.

  12. St. John’s Ambulance Brigade will be stationed at multiple locations within the arena.

  13. For your safety: No bottles, glass or plastic, no drinking glasses and no cans may be brought into the Ball Area. Weapons of all varieties, including decorative knives normally worn with kilts, are forbidden within the Ball area. Please note that in the event of anyone attempting to gain entry to the Ball whilst carrying bottles, glasses or cans, the said items will be confiscated. Persons found carrying bottles, glasses or cans in the Ball area will be ejected from the Ball area by Security Staff.

  14. Any ticket applications or payments found to have circumvented standard procedures or breached application rules will be cancelled and a cancellation fee may apply.

  15. Only TCD Staff, students and graduates may apply for tickets. Ineligible applicants will have their applications cancelled. You will be required to present your ID at ticket collection.

  16. Up to two tickets are available per applicant. Applications for more than two tickets by one person will be cancelled.

  17. Any personal data you give us (names, addresses, etc) will be retained until shortly after the ball and then deleted from our systems. Your details will not be shared with external third parties.